Our Platinum Package is for those who want to master Amazon game and would like to keep up with the challenge.

This is our only package that comes with:


Full Account Protection.  As long as we are managing your account, we will protect and fight for your store against Hijackers, Competitor Attack and Suspension.

Brand Registration and Amazon Brand Registry. As a primary requirement for our Private Label processes, we will work on your Brand Registration and Amazon Brand Registry set-up.

Brand’s Website. We will create the website for the BRAND with complete optimization. We have a SEO team dedicated for optimization of your website, Google search ranking and maintaining presence and relevancy on all search engines. 

Brand’s Social Media Accounts. (FB, Insta, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube) We will also be the one to create and maintain social media presence for the BRAND.

Dedicated Amazon specialist to manage the store. We will assign a dedicated Amazon specialist, available by phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week at your back and call for any and all questions, to monitor everything and provide you with daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Access to the global top 1% talent pool. Our VAs have a minimum 7+ years of experience for all tasks related to Amazon and Ecommerce. We have Amazon specialists and Google experts working in tandem to build your dream business. Our PPC experts have already handled over $1,500,000 worth of campaign budget.

Up to 20 Private Label Products. Depending on the client’s available capital, we will work on developing up to 20 profitable products for the BRAND. 

TOTAL Revenue up to $1,440,000. Within 2 years handling period, we are able to scale up to target annual revenue. We have done this to more than 10 of our client’s accounts already, we can do this to yours too.

Working Capital Requirement: $50,000

2 Years Total Revenue: $1,440,000

Average Profit Margin: 24.7%

Business Value after 2 Years: $2,880,000

5 Years Business Value Goal: $9,500,000


Want to know how we did it?

We have refined our system to a point where setting a firestorm of sales in Amazon is just an ordinary feat. 

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About Private Label Assassins

A Private labeling Service provider for Amazon FBA means you sell (existing) products of your choosing, under your own private brand (label) on Amazon.

After studying a product/market, you contact product suppliers/manufacturers directly, and they make the product for you, in bulk, at cost, under your brand name.

What does Private Label Assassins Do?

We create your own brand and have it registered in a span of 1 month. Researching products based on your target market and niche.

Selling products in amazon that is way better than other existing sellers, that involves your own logo, creating your own packaging, optimizing listings better than your competitors.

We make sure that  you have your own brand gets maximum exposure outside amazon.

Who is Matt Gambrell?

8 Figure Ecommerce Mogul | Dropshipping Guru. He has also helped build many businesses from scratch.

Matthew Gambrell is a leading E-Commerce Business Coach who is fiercely committed to guiding E-Commerce business owners and entrepreneurs to building automatic, customer generating systems and strategies to increase customer’s checkout!

What Assurance can I get after the call?

Expect Magic after 8 months. Right after the call.

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