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We would rather have fewer clients and deliver high success rate than to take anyone’s money and promise them I can get them to the end of the rainbow.

Just to give you an idea of how our system works: Together with our highly-trained managers, who are also experts at their own trades, we look at each account as our own. We consider everything from the slightest change in Page Views and to every customer email we receive. We treat everything seriously as we believe these moving parts are essential to the success of the business.

This data right you see is from one of our best selling accounts:

You can see from here a breakdown of the 2000 units we ordered for Q4.

You can also notice the gradual increase in Selling Price before we get to our Target selling price. The Average Units Daily (latest 30 days) is an average daily sale we get from the last 30 days. Knowing this is very relevant in getting the allowed number of reviews you should get for that product daily.

You can also see that we closely monitor our daily sales and daily net profit. We do this so that, you, as the business owner, will have an idea of how your ROI is being worked on daily. The highlighted cells are those days we lose some to get more. This is one of the marketing strategies we do that is proven very effective.

As you may also notice, the PPC column has zero spend. Yes, you see it correctly.

Depending on our clients, the need for PPC is an option and not necessity. PPC for us is an asset and will never be a liability.

We consider it as option if ever you wanted more sales.

The 2000 units we ordered for Q4 already ran out of stock by December 2, after 68 days of selling. But of course, we have already an incoming stock as back-up inventory for the busiest month of the year.

So, after 68 days of selling, we generated $15,517.06 net profit.

Another best-selling account that I would like to show is this one, were we ordered 5000 units for Q4.

And just like the first product, after 68 days we sold over 5130 units and generated $56,664.37 in net profit.

On our PPC ads: Within a month, our client’s improved from a 24-27% ACOS to <5% on their product.

These samples are the result of trial and error.

There is no such thing as getting rich quick.

We worked hard 24/7.

Private Label involves Keyword Research (Helium10), Sourcing (1688), Optimization, Inventory Management, PPC, Finances, Social Media Marketing (ManyChat), and Launches.

With our Automation Service, you can relax and have our team do the work for you.


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