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Within the first few months of ordering Wholesale products for client accounts we test a variety of different products to test sales velocity and mitigate risk.

As an automation client you will receive access to our exclusive wholesale relationships with brands and distributors so that your business has real equity compared to the retail arbitrage business model. As outlined in the 45K package details, we give your business access up to 3 Exclusive Relationships with different reputable brands along with top tier pricing and net terms.

No other automation business is doing this at the moment. We have spent the past few years developing our infrastructure, closing exclusives with brands and distributors to finally offer this service to the public. As we find and start selling great wholesale products for our clients, we have our sales team begin to close exclusive contracts to sell on Amazon with the brands themselves to give the business stability and consistency with a wide variety of great products.

Our goal with the Wholesale business model is for it to be the backbone of the business which is consistency, as soon as we hit 10K/month profit we start launching private label brands on behalf of the client so that we are essentially playing with house money.

An example of one of our average wholesale products:

For potential Wholesale FBA products that distributors and brands offer, our team looks at the Keepa graph and RevSeller along with Jungle Scout data to determine whether a product is viable for us to sell on Amazon on behalf of our clients.

For this product we see that the average sales price over the past 90/180 days is around $59. With our top tier pricing that we have negotiated with the distributor we can source this for $25. This will give us a $6.58 profit/unit on this product. Along with the average 90/190 day sales rank of around 11,000 we expect to sell around 700 units/month for this product if we hop on. 700*$6.58 is around $4500 in profit generated for our client based off $17,500 invested into this product which gives roughly a 25% ROI.

We have thousands of Wholesale FBA products similar to this that have been vetted by our team and ready to be shipped into Amazon to start generating sales and profit for our clients. We have top tier pricing and exclusive/semi-exclusive relationships to sell these items on Amazon to mitigate risk and guarantee sales for our clients.

The typical client makes on average 15-25% ROI on the capital invested into products based on the amount of capital invested. After the initial onboarding phase we expect to see a 10k/profit month within 6-12 months for the average 45K package client who has the minimum amount of 25K liquid capital and 25K credit lines required for ordering Wholesale products.

For the average 95K package client who has the minimum amount of 50K liquid capital and 50K credit
lines we expect to see 20k/month profit within 6-12 months after onboarding.

An example of one of our clients stores after the initial onboarding phase:

4K in sales at a 30% ROI 2 months after onboarding. Over 1k profit/month.

10k in sales at a 25% ROI 3 months after onboarding. Over 2.5K profit/month

37K in sales at a 20% ROI 12 months after onboarding. Over 7K profit/month.

387K in sales at 15% ROI 17 months after onboarding. Over 50K profit/month.

944K in sales at 15% ROI 34 months after onboarding. Over 150K profit/month.

One of Gav’s own personal Amazon Wholesale stores to show that we actually walk the walk and not just talk like most of the people in the automation industry.

At the end of the day this is not dropshipping/retail arbitrage so do not expect to see crazy sales right off the bat. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is an investment where you are essentially buying a done for you Amazon Wholesale and Private label business with exclusive relationships and private label brands. We are building a solid foundation for each client where you will not get suspended with consistent growth and tangible business equity. We focus on quality over quantity for the clients that we do end up working with.


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